• Testreport ATT 1/2018 Baader-UFC - the Swiss Army Knife of filter technology

    The current issue of Astronomy Technology Today introduces the UFC System -  the tester was impressed: What do you get if you cross an Erector Set with some giant metal washers, a plethora of variously-sized openings, a filter tray that slots in like a clip in a Glock, and, well, all sorts of other stuff? The Baader Universal Filter Changer, or UFC for short. And when Baader says “universal,” they mean it. Read the Testreport ATT 1/2018 Baader-UFC . Mark Zaslove shows all wonderful things you can do with the Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer).  
  • Planewave CDK 20 First Light at College CFG Wuppertal/Germany

    Realization of three Project Works 2016/17 with the Baader Planetarium BACHES Echelle Spectrograph at College Carl-Fuhlrott-Gymnasium, Wuppertal/Germany By Diplom-Physiker Bernd Koch Following is an excerpt of the detailed test review of Bernd Koch. Read the whole article: Planewave CDK 20 First Light at College CFG Wuppertal / Germany Installation of the new 0.5m-Telescope at the Student Laboratory At the end of September, the company Baader Planetarium GmbH, Mammendorf/Germany delivered the long-awaited large telescope, which allows us a deeper view into the cosmos and to establish new horizons for our project course students in astronomy. For the many astronomy students at Carl-Fuhlrott-Gymnasium it was as if Christmas and birthday fell to one day. For two years now, we Michael Winkhaus and Bernd Koch have been working to expand the observatory into a modern student research facility, and now it has finally come to fruition: On Thursday, September 29, the new telescopes together with a...
  • Implementation of UV/IR Cut Filter - Test Report

    Shooting the moon through a normal Baader UV/IR Cut Filter in comparison with the Baader IR Passfilter >>>> In the near infrared spectral range atmospheric disturbances (seeing conditions) are much more less than in the visible spectral range. Images taken in the near infrared light are often sharper than images taken in shorter wavelength. Special the moon (and the sun also) are nice targets shooting images with the IR Passfilter due to their brightness. All the following images was taken in the same night within a time interval of only 45 minutes (decreasing moon). The seeing was during the whole imaging session moderate. Image details: standard Celestron C14 in prime focus with a Celestron SkyRis camera 445 mono. Telescope location: Onjala Lodge/Namibia. Stacking each 144/1.200 frames and Waveletfiltering with AviStack 1.8, final imaging processing with Photoshop CS 2. All image processing was made absolutely identical. The animation left shows the...
  • Baader Optical Wonder – a real optical wonder

    Shooting the Moon – in bright daylight with a Celestron SkyRis 445 M through a C14 SCT and a Baader IR Pass-filter Dear Baader Team, When I returned to Namibia this spring, I found my favourite planetary Celestron 14 SCT-OTA in a catastrophic condition. The Schmidt-corrector-plate was looking just plain filthy since someone had omitted to properly close the dust cap during all the rainy season. The telescope is located at the Onjala Lodge. The Lodge is a typical Namibian guest lodge, located approximately 80 kilometers east of Windhoek. The telescope is commonly used for public viewing with guest of the lodge, but can also be rent by experienced amateur astronomers. The below image shows the main buildings of the lodge. The C14 is set up in the bigger - 4m - dome, the smaller one is 3m in diameter and is used only privately.   View of the extremely dusty Schmidt-plate The...

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