Bundle: Hyperion Zoom Mark III in combo with Hyperion-Barlow 2.25x (8-24mm / 3.5-10.5mm)

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Bundle: Hyperion Zoom Mark III in combo with Hyperion-Barlow 2.25x (8-24mm / 3.5-10.5mm)

# 2454825

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  • ATTENTION: The Set Hyperion Zoom Mark III + Hyperion Barlow is discontinued.
    Please see here its successor: Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV + Hyperion Barlow
  • This is the all-in-one astro quality grade zoom providing an focal length range from 3.5 to 24mm
  • Includes Baader winged rubber eyecup 43/44 mm with foldable side-light panel/li>
  • ATTENTION: Please note that this set of Zoom+Barlow is only meant for astronomical use. It will not come to focus in combination with spotting scopes

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Bundle: MARK III Hyperion 8-24 mm ClickStop zoom eyepiece & Baader Hyperion zoom Barlow lens 2.25x mag

The set consisting of the MARK III Hyperion 8-24 mm ClickStop wide angle Zoom eyepiece (#2454824) and the Hyperion zoom Barlow 2.25x (#2454654) zoom eyepiece with the greatest results in combination focal length range.

The set covers all eyepiece focal length from 3.5-24 mm.

This set can be used on all astronomical telescopes without the use of the bundled Barlow.

MARK III Bundle:

1) 1x MARK III Hyperion 8-24 mm ClickStop Zoom Eyepiece (#2454824)

The zoom eyepiece with 1.25 - or both ports are 2-inch connector - included
Das Hyperion ClickStop Zoom Eyepiece with 2" connector.
The zoom eyepiece with 1.25 - or both ports are 2-inch connector - included
The Hyperion ClickStop zoom eyepiece with 1.25" connector.

Versatile wide-angle zoom eyepiece with connection option for cameras.

Inclusive Accessories:

  • Adapter for Connector 2 "(left illustration) and 1¼" (right illustration)
  • Eyecup
See a more detailed description of the eyepiece and its possibilities for the individual product.

2) 1x Hyperion Barlow Lens 2.25x (#2454654)

The Hyperion Barlow lens with two adapters
The Barlow lens with T-2 adapter (above) and Hyperion zoom adapter 1.25 "(Center).

Increases the focal length of your telescope by a factor of 2.25, with docking adapters for camera (T2-system) and zoom eyepiece.

Inclusive Accessories:

  • T2 Photo-Adapter
  • Zoom-Eyepiece Adapter

The Hyperion ClickStop Zoom Eyepiece with 1¼" and 2" Connector

There is an old saying that there is nothing like an eyepiece with fixed Focal length, if it should be the highest image quality. But this zoom eyepiece is the fixed focal length eyepieces second to none, saving especially during mobile use so you don't have to carry as many eyepieces.

The Hyperion Zoom is a perfect solution for all the thousands are travelling, it brings a whole range with focal lengths from 8 to 24mm in a single high-quality eyepiece! It lets you continuously zoom with locking function for 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24mm. Save yourself the change of eyepiece when viewing planets and need high zoom! The only difference to the fixed focal length is that the field also varies from 53 Degrees at 24mm focal length up to 68 degrees at 8mm. This eyepiece was "Reversed" constructed like most zoom eyepieces: his biggest box and the sharpest image is formed in the biggest enlargement. The comes the astronomical use - but also the observation of nature benefit. The Hyperion ClickStop zoom eyepiece still differs on itself otherwise of the fixed focal length Hyperion.

For the connection of digital cameras for afocal eyepiece projection located behind the lens hood (rubber) the system thread M43. To expose it, simply remove the rubber hood.

The connection of the Mark III zoom eyepiece of telescopes and spotting scopes

The eyepiece of a telescope with 2
The zoom eyepiece fits with or without Barlow lens on each astronomical telescope with a 2 "or 1.25" connector

On the telescopes, the Zoom eyepiece is used entirely in a conventional manner connecting with the 1¼ "socket or the also included 2" socket adapted. Also standard 1¼ "and 2" filter is - as usual - in this screw-thread of the two receptacles. With the Barlow lens which also makes the zoom eyepiece with 1¼" or 2" socket use only with 1¼" filters.

Without Barlow eyepiece also fits many spotting scopes
The zoom eyepiece can be used without using Barlow on Zeiss and many Celestron and Sky-Watcher spotting scopes.

Zeiss, Celestron and Skywatcher Spotting scopes (see left image)

To connect the Hyperion Zoom eyepiece to Sky-Watcher and Celestron Spotting scopes unscrew the 1¼ " barrel from the zoom eyepiece. Grasp to the eyepiece on the knurled nut and the intermediate - also knurled - thin ring. Now can the eyepiece of the M36, 4 threads on your spotting scope screw.

For adaptation of the Hyperion Zoom eyepiece of a Carl Zeiss Diascope Spotting scope you need in addition to 1¼" barrel and the thin knurled intermediate ring with the M36.4 thread from the eyepiece unscrew. Includes the wide knurled coupling ring of the eyepiece an M45 internal thread, which is now accessible. Put the Hyperion Zoom eyepiece via the M45 external thread of the Zeiss spotting scope and screw. Turn the wide coupling ring in the eyepiece clockwise firmly.

Caution: On spotting scopes that you can use Hyperion zoom eyepiece only without the Barlow lens!

The M43 thread of system offers different connection possibilities.
The M43 system thread offers different connection possibilities.

The M43 System Thread

After removing the Rubber Eyecup and lens hood, which is M43 system thread free. It is used to connect digital cameras and analog or digital SLR cameras to the normal or afocal eyepiece projection.

For example, with the Baader Planetarium adapter M43/T-2 (#2958080), a Spacer sleeve (#1508153) and the normal T2 camera adapter, you can(almost) attach any analogue or digital SLR camera on to the eyepiece.

The Hyperion Barlow lens
The Hyperion Barlow lens
The Barlow lens at the Hyperion zoom eyepiece in 1.25
The Barlow at the Hyperion zoom eyepiece in 1.25"(left) and 2" configuration (on the right)

Hyperion zoom Barlow lens - 2.25x

The Baader Hyperion zoom Barlow lens specifically designed for the Hyperion ClickStop zoom Mark III eyepiece. The ordinary focal length range of the zoom is 8-24 mm and with the adaptation of the Barlow lens a focal range from 3.5 to 10.5 mm with excellent image quality for high-resolution solar, lunar, planetary and double star observation.

Like all Baader developments is the Hyperion zoom Barlow for designed as a wide range of applications. 

It is very versatile. The figure on the right shows the ClickStop zoom eyepiece with the Hyperion Barlow, left with 1¼ "- and right with 2" connector.

A T2-adapter allows it to be used with anything that has a the T2 thread. So you can, for example, with a SLR camera combined (you need an optional T-adapter for the camera) or with an optional adaptor with astronomical eyepieces can be used.

Also included is an adapter to T2 thread. Thus, the Barlow are used to a variety of accessories - for example, at a DSLR T-Ring.

Hyperion Barlow an DSLR
Also included is an adapter on T2-thread. Thus, the Barlow to diverse accessories be used - for example, on a DSLR with T-Ring

The technical data for Hyperion Zoom Barlow lens

  • Triplet lens design for maximum optical quality
  • Astigmatic Flat-field design for high image definition over the entire field
  • Baader Phantom Group Coating for maximum contrast and light transmission

Connections Eyepiece side

  • Direct connection to the Hyperion Zoom on adapter A
  • T2 (M42x0.75 mm) connector via an adapter B
  • 1¼" filter thread connection without Adapter

Attention: The Barlow lens is only suitable for use in astronomical telescopes; the use of spotting scopes is not possible.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2454825
Weight (kg) 0.615
Focal Length 3,5 - 24 mm
Apparent Field of View 48° - 68°
Eye Relief (mm) 16 - 19 mm
Field Stop Diameter 9,5 - 20,1 mm
Field Stop Displacement to reference plane +/- 0 mm
Number of Lens Elements 7
Number of Groups 4
AR-Coating Phantom Coating® Group
Threaded for filters Yes
Camera Thread M43
Parfocal Eyepieces Yes
Dustcaps 1¼" dustcap (31,8mm), 2" dustcap (45mm), 2" dustcap (46.5mm - fits over eyecup)
Eyecups folding eyecup (M43), winged eyecup (M43)
Backfocus gain w. 2“ Barrel (mm) -6 mm
Slip Protect Safety Classic Undercut
Eyepiece Body above Reference Plane (mm) 82 mm
Length of 1¼" barrel (mm) 24,5 mm
Length of 2" barrel (mm) 27 mm
Outer Diameter 58 mm
Outer Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) Thread, M43
Inner Connection (lens sided) Thread, 1 3/8", M45, 2"
Outer Connection (lens sided) Barrel, 1¼", 2"
Eyepiece Series Hyperion
Barrel Size (in) 1¼", 2"
Optical Design Modular
Speciality Eyepiece projection: classical
Single or Set? Eyepiece Set

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