BACHES Echelle Spectrograph

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BACHES Echelle Spectrograph

# 2458600

€ 6,950.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 5,840.34
  • Baader BACHES Echelle-Spektrograf: A New Level of SCIENTIFIC SPECTROSCOPY with small Telescopes
  • average spectral resolution R = 18,000
  • changeable 25 and 50μm slits. Slit length 125μm
  • light and compact, only 1350g (without CCD camera)

Further Information can still be found on our old page (sorry, still mostly german content):

Product Questions

When I order the BACHES standard calibration set (Thorium-Argon lamp) instead of the Remote Calibration Unit RCU, can I use my existing LED flatfield screen at the front of the telescope for flatfielding BACHES echelle spectra?
Question by: Jamie K. on Oct 24, 2016 3:33:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2458600
Usage Professional use in astronomical / scientific research and university student education (astronomical internships). Suitable for advanced amateur astronomers, who already have experience in star spectroscopy
Spectral Resolution average spectral resolution R = 18,000
Optimized Spectral range 392-800nm continuously (depending on sensor size)
Break-even value 10 mag. vis (50cm-telescope, S/N=20, 30min. exposure (see
Mechanical Design Echelle-Spectrograph with high mechanical stability, FE designed, torsion deformation below 9μm at 180° rotation
Field size optimized for sensor sizes ca. 15x10mm, 9μm Pixel (i.e. KAF-1603), usable with 7x4mm sensor sizes (i.e. ST-402) and DSLR‘s
Collimator aperture ratio f/10
Optimized for focal ratio optimized for 8" to 24" f/10 telescopes (full resolution from f/8 to f/12)
Adaptable to CCD- and DSLR-cameras
Slit size changeable 25 and 50μm slits. Slit length 125μm
Illumination manual red LED for Slit-Focusing
Special Features Including instruction for Spectra Callibration. solenoid switches between the light from the telescope and the ThAr calibrati on and fl atf ield lamp of the RCU
Guiding Port with 1¼“-connection for eyepieces, video- or guiding cameras
Included Accessories Standard: with ThAr lamp mounted on BACHES body (with separate power supply).
Professional with Remote Calibraion Unit (RCU) with built-in ThAr lamp and halogen fl atf ield lamp remotely controlled via web interface
Optional Accessories 1.5x-barlow lense: to optimize ca. f/6.8-telescopes to f/10. Remote Calibration Unit (RCU) for professional callibration of Echelle Spectra

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