AVALON Linear Mount (various versions available)

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AVALON Linear Mount (various versions available)
From: € 4,730.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 3,974.79
  • Equatorial Single Arm Mount with Fast-Reverse technology (no Backlash)
  • with Avalon StarGo GoTo Control System via WiFi or Bluetooth connection from smartphones and tablets
  • Dovetail 3" clamp and Polar Finder
  • ready to accept für Baader, Celestron and Skywatcher tripods

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From: € 4,730.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 3,974.79

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5 years warranty

Avalon - LineAR

LineAR Fast Reverse Mount


The LineAR Fast Reverse mount is a universal equatorial mount designed for astronomical imaging: it is one of the most innovative products ever conceived for these applications and it can host a payload up to 20 kg, both for photographic and visual applications.

Tooth belt transmission

The Avalon LineAR is a mount integrating solutions making life of amateur astronomers easier, eliminating many technical problems. For example:

  • A revolutionary technology: Tooth belt transmission
  • Very sturdy and lightweight for easy transportation.
  • A handle installed on the body of the mount, to easily move and transport the LineAR around.
  • No cables around: all the cables connecting the motors to the electronics are inside the mount, so they do not interfere with the hand control unit cables.
  • AvaLon LineAR Mount now with new StarGO GoTo Control System (WiFi or Bluetooth version). More about the AVALON StarGo GoTo Control System.
  • The surface offers the best anodization process available
  • A clear, easy to read latitude scale and indexes marking the "home" position are impressed on the body and on the AR stand of the mount
  • Blocks on both axes are easy to use even with gloves
  • Ergonomic Knobs for fine tuning both the altitude and the azimuth of the polar axis. The altitude worm is not under the weight of the mount - in contrast with many competing mounts - so it is smooth and very accurate.
  • Quick and robust counterweight shaft clamping, making easy the mount assembly.
  • Polar finder included, for an easier polar alignment
  • Both axes use high quality bearings, for a very fluid motion, with no friction even with heavy payloads, allowing a perfect balance of the mount. Very short damping time.
  • Quick to assemble: the LineAR mount requires just a few minutes to be ready and long exposure images can be started within minutes
  • Mount easy to balance. Thanks to the very small friction on both RA and DEC. axes, reaching a perfect, very accurate balance is amazingly easy.
  • Light and very sturdy: the head of the mount weights 12.5 kg (without counterweights and their shaft) and it can hosts a 200-280mm catadioptric, a 250mm-f/4, f/5 Newtonian and a 130-150mm, short focal length refractor.

In short, the Linear Fast Reverse mount is ideal for those travelling astroimagers seeking for long deep sky exposures, even with long focal lengths, by means of an high quality, light, reliable, accurate and easy-use setup, with an excellent quality/performance-to-cost ratio.

Detailed information about the revolutionary technology and AVALON Mounts are available here.

Avalon LineAR


  • AVALON Instruments LineAR Mount
  • Plate L=3" (75 mm) Losmandy dovetail compatible, with a single blocking knob using two tightening points.
  • Polar Finder
  • 6 kg, stainless steel counterweigth
  • Avalon StarGo GoTo Control System (Bluetooth or WiFi version)
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Cardboard box with customized foam

Astroimages on AVALON LineAR Mount:

Sara Wager, The Crecent Nebula and PN G75.5+1.7, The Soap bubble nebula, Telescope: Takahashi FSQ85 with 0.73x Reducer, Camera: Atik 460EXM with 3nm Ha and 3nm OIII filters, 10x1800s Ha 14x1800s OIII, total intefration time: 12 hours
Simeis 147
Sara Wager, Simeis 147 (Spaghetti Nebula), Telescope: Takahashi FSQ85 with 0.73x Reducer, Camera: Atik 460EXM with 3nm Ha and 3nm OIII filters, 10x1800s Ha 14x1800s OIII
Veil Nebula - NGC 6960
Francesco Barbaliscia, Veil Nebula - NGC 6960, Telescope: Astrophysics Starfire 130 f/6, CCD SHVR-H694: with MZ5 in GFA exposure: 6x15m Ha+3x15m RGB
Rosette Nebula
Yves Van den Broek , Rosette Nebula, Telescope: Star71 TS, Camera/CCD: Canon 6d
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Avalon Instruments
SKU (#) Avalon_Linear
Mount German Equitoral Mount
Palyoad capacity (kg) 15 - 25 kg
Control system electronics StarGO GoTo Control System (WiFi or Bluetooth version)
Transmission All belts drive system based on four stages reducer. All the movements are on ball bearings. No maintenance and no backlash system. Pulleys made with special polymer fiberglass charged and high precision toothed belts.
OTA plate Dovetail 3" clamp, with a single blocking knob using two tightening points.
Material Aluminium, steel, brass, technopolymer
Tripod plate With multiple holes, ready for Avalon, Celestron, Baader AHT and SkyWatcher EQ6 tripods
Motor Stepper, microstep motors
Power Requirements 12 V 3 A stabilized power supply
Mount Weight 12,00 kg ( withount conterweight and bar)
Weight of Counterweights Stainless steel 6 kg (13,2 lb) counterweight
Counterweight Shaft Quick release, 30mm diam.(1,181 "), stainless steel bar
Payload Capacity (kg) 55lb (25 kg) in observing, 44lb (20 kg) for imaging
RA Axis Heavy duty steel, diam. 35 mm.; 2 roller, conical bearings, diam 62 mm. + 1 roller bearing diam. 72mm + 2 roller bearings diam. 45mm – on bearings clutch
DEC Axis Heavy duty steel, diam. 35 mm.; 2 roller, conical bearings, diam 62 mm. + 1 roller bearing diam. 72mm + 1 roller bearing diam. 45 mm - on bearings clutch
Slew Speeds 800x
Communication Ports USB, RS 232, Autoguiderport (ST-4), DSLR, 2x AUX Ports
All-sky pointing accuracy +/-5 arc-seconds without Guiding
Polar Finder SkyWatcher EQ5 model, Losmandy optional

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