Baader Safety CoolCeramic Herschel Prism 2" Visual Version

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Baader Safety CoolCeramic Herschel Prism 2" Visual Version

# 2956500V

€ 475.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 399.16
  • 2 ", 23 ° Safety Herschel Prism, utilizing special Phantom Group® coatings for glare control. 2” ClickLock® eyepiece holder.
  • Visual Version includes 2” filter ND 3.0, Solar-Continuum Filter 2” and Case #2452115
  • There is no better and safer method for uncompromising sharp solar observation / photography in white light.
  • A special heat absorbing ceramic element traps radiant heat similar to the space shuttle heat tiles - without heating the surrounding area too. The fully enclosed housing adds to the safety and prevents the risk of glare.

Product Questions

With the Herschel Prism photographic version, is the idea that you can replace the ND3.0 filter with one of the other ND filters and get a brighter image for doing photography? It sounds that way from how you describe it but I just wanted to make sure that the ND3.0 can be taken off and replaced with one of the other filters. Thank you.
Question by: Mike Wenz on Sep 21, 2016 4:01:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)


Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel prism, Visual and photographic

There is no better way for uncompromising Solar Observation / Solar Photography in white light


Every Solar Diagonal needs additional neutral density filters since the reflected energy of the first surface prism (4.6%) still is a factor of 1000 too large for the human eye. All Baader Solar Diagonals are delivered with a pre-mounted ND 3.0 Baader precision 2” light reduction filter. The photographic version includes other ND-Filters to achieve shorter exposure times. Use with care!

  • Space-Technology: The exiting beam in the Baader Safety Herschel Wedge is fed into a heat cage separated from the prism body. Like on a Space Shuttle a ceramic tile forming the back end of the heat cage absorbs the radiant heat without overheating its surroundings. The closed prism body offers perfect safety for educational work.
  • Solar Finder: The translucent ceramic tile acts as projection screen for the unfocused image of the Sun. Aiming the telescope at the Sun becomes very easy.
  • ClickLock 2“ Clamp: Securely clamp any eyepiece with only the push of a lever. Change eyepieces single handedly – even in winter with heavy gloves.
  • Filter Holder: A 2“/M48 threaded ring couples the 2“ ClickLock-Clamp to the body of the Safety Herschel Wedge and acts as a filter holder for 2“ filters.
  • Solar Continuum Filter (10nm HBW/540nm CWL): Included as standard filter
  • Optional recommended accessories:2“ Baader Polarizer-Filter (# 2408342) mounts into any 2“ eyepiece or 2“ to 1.25“ reducer for adjusting image brightness simply by rotating the eyepiece. Reducer ring 2“to T-2 (#1508035) allows to mount any DSLR-camera T-mount directly on top of the Solar Diagonal body

Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2956500V
Weight (kg) 0.695
Optical Design Herschel Prism
Inner Connection (lens sided) Thread, M48, M55, 2"
Outer Connection (lens sided) Barrel, Dovetail ring, S58, 2"
Inner Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) Clamp, 2"
Outer Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) Thread, Dovetail ring, M55, S58, 2"
Reflection surface First surface reflection
AR-Coating Phantom Coating® Group
Image Orientation Erect image, Mirror inverted
Optical tube length 114
Clamping System ClickLock
Deflection angle 23°
Inner Diameter / Clear Aperture (mm) 46,6
Solar Wavelenght Whitelight (integral light)

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