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On our site, you will find information on following manufacturers and products:

AstroSolar™, TurboFilm™, Eudiascopic® Eyepieces, MicroGuide®, Giant-Binocular-Viewer, Astro T-2 System™, Glaspath-Corrector®, Maxbright®-Mirror, Baader Sky Surfer, Baader Witty 1, and other Astronomical Accessories,
as well as our Baader Planetarium® (Space Demonstrator) and Baader Observatory Domes of course.
  1. On the other hand, we have still yet prepared a lot of pdf-files in english language with descriptions of some of the Baader accessories.Please follow this link to open a page with a list of these pdf-files.
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  3. Please click here to find out all about AstroSolar Safety Film in english language.
  4. How to convert a Canon DSLR into a real Astro Camera